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Welcome to the web site of
Our Savior Lutheran Church

We invite you to join us
Saturday at 4:00 pm or Sunday at 9:00 am
to hear:

How God loves you and forgives you
What God says about many issues in this world
How he has prepared a home for you in heaven


This coming weekend (Sat-Sun, February 11-12):

Learn from David's example (1 Samuel 26):
Should We Honor

For the previous sermons,

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Some recent sermons uploaded
Read or listen to them
to be uplifted and encouraged
and find out what the message of our church is

Bible Study
on Sundays at 10:30 am
and Mondays at 9:00 am

Life and Teachings of Christ: Gospel of John

Join us Sunday, February 19, 3:30 pm for an
End of Life Readiness Workshop
Presentations by
an estate planning lawyer
and a funeral home representative
Followed by a dinner served for all
All Free

Bruce E. Ahlers, Pastor

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